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Master of Science in Applied Geoinformatics
Master’s programme in Applied Geoinformatics is a study programme conducted by the Faculty of Regional and Environmental Science, in cooperation with the faculties of Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Informatics. It is coordinated by the Faculty of Environmental Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics, and focuses on the combined use of quantitative remote sensing methods with GIS techniques to develop advanced mapping approaches for environmental observation and monitoring
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Master of Science in Computational Mathematics
In addition to being a science in its own right, mathematics plays a fundamental role in the quantitative areas of practically all other academic disciplines, particularly in the natural sciences, engineering, business administration, economics, medicine and psychology. Mathematical results permeate nearly all facets of life and are a necessary prerequisite for the vast majority of modern technologies – and as our IT systems become increasingly powerful, we are able to mathematically handle enormous amounts of data and solve ever more complex problems. Special emphasis is placed on developing the students' ability to formalise given problems in a way that facilitates algorithmic processing. Also, they are enabled to choose or develop, and subsequently apply, suitable algorithms to solve problems in an appropriate manner. The degree programme is theoretical in its orientation, with strongly application-oriented components. Studying this programme, you can gain advanced knowledge in the mathematical areas of cryptography, computer algebra, algorithmic algebra and geometry, image and signals processing, statistics and stochastic simulation, dynamical systems and control theory as well as expert knowledge in computer science fields such as data management, machine learning and data mining. Furthermore, you will have the chance to learn how to apply your knowledge to tackle problems in areas as diverse as marketing, predictive analytics, computational finance, digital humanities, IT security and robotics.
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Master of Science in Data Science
The MSc Data Science is an interdisciplinary programme. It is carried out jointly by the Department of Statistics and the Institute for Informatics at Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität München. The curriculum is a modularised study programme. It comprises lectures, exercise classes, lab courses, and practicals. It also includes summer schools and focused tutorials. Semesters 1-2: Core modules Statistics and Informatics; Individual Modules (Fundamentals of Data Science); Predictive Modelling; Human Computation and Analytics Semesters 2-3: Data Ethics and Data Security; Elective Modules; Current Research in Data Science Semester 3: "Data Science Practical" Semester 4: Master’s thesis and defence
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Bachelor of Arts in Agribusiness
Agriculture and the food industry are highly dynamic and innovative sectors that have to adapt to increasing global competition and natural resource scarcity. Our BA Agribusiness programme equips you with the economic understanding and business and management skills needed to successfully manage agricultural and food supply chains in the face of these global challenges. In international student project teams, you will study the intricacies of starting and running your own business. Beyond this, you will also address current issues in agricultural and environmental policy in order to become an expert consultant to public institutions and other organisations. Complementary knowledge and soft skills are gained through a diversity of teaching and learning methods. Practical work experience fosters these skills and additionally helps to build networks for your future career. From the fourth semester onwards, you are able to choose from a number of elective modules to shape your individual focus and specialisation. In addition to your internships, you may focus on scientific research or analysis of a practical business problem while completing your thesis in the seventh semester.
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New Embassy appointment
German embassy have changed their appointment booking system
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Good News: Financial Aid for Students in Germany
The coronavirus outbreak has caused financial hardships to many students in Germany. Since thousands of students in Germany financially depend on the limited number of part-time work hours they can do while studying, working has become a challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Njomza Zegiri of, two-third of international students depends on their par-time works to cover their living expenses. A survey conducted on Study-in Germany portal also indicates that 85% of current and potential international students admit that the outbreak has impacted their plans to study in Germany one way or the other. In many ways of intervening to the sufferings caused by the outbreak, the Federal Minister of Education and Research, Anja Karliczek has announced the provision of interest-free loans of up to 650 euros a month via state owned development bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau for students. Additionally, the ministry would also provide “emergency funds” with non-repayable grants worth 100 million euros for students which would be distributed by the Deutsches Studentenwerk (DSW). However, this only applies to students studying at German Public Universities. This support is available as from 16th June, 2020 and the funds will be granted for 3 months. To benefit from the emergency fund, these are the important steps that should be taken: i. Applicants must upload study certificate, study ID and the bank statements of their accounts from February or March without blacking out anything. ii. The applications of the students are then forwarded via the online portal to the student union responsible for them. Student Union will be processing and paying out the funds to the applicants. Depending on the proven need, the students can then hope for a grant of between 100 and 500 euros for the months of June, July and August. It should be noted that the balance on your account the day before the application is the criteria for the amount of the support you will receive. This implies that your account status determines the amount of fund that would be given. For instance, if you still have 200 euros in your account, you can receive 300 euros as help for the month. If you have less than 100 euros in your account, you get the full 500 euros. Anyone who has at least 500 euros in their accounts will not receive any support. Applications for support can be submitted from (12 noon) Tuesday, 16th June, 2020 at Applications will be paid out starting from June 25, 2020.
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